R + X = Rx

Now we come to the place where the R and the X combine. For each week that you are doing the 3x System, you will create a weekly Resource Goal as well. Your Resource Goal will come from what you wrote in the Resources Worksheet. If, for instance, you feel you have unused Spiritual Resources, you might have as a weekly goal “take a yoga class”. You could cover the Resources of Nutrition/Exercise and Friends with “take a long walk on Sunday with a friend”. Just simple, achievable, measurable stuff. And if you don’t manage to take the walk or go to the class, forgive these sins, and figure out your Resource Goals for the next week.

Use the chart below to write down your Resource Goals for each week. As with the 3X System, it’s incredibly important that you commit yourself in writing. Just doing that really helps turn a “good idea” into reality.

Resource Goal Worksheet

Now you have the full Rx, and all the tools you need to make the Toolkit work. If all this work with the Resources sounds tiresome, remember that making life more rich and fulfilling is actually an okay project, and for many people it is the centerpiece of controlling their drug/alcohol use. It’s a journey into change and self-growth that we all should come to.