3X System: Start Today

Print out the 3X System Worksheet below and for the coming week, make a daily written record of your use. This will be your Baseline Week. At the end of the week, total up your number of Xs. This baseline score will be the starting point you use to set yourself targets for reduction.

Here’s one thing I can absolutely guarantee: if you do not make a written record, the Toolkit will not work for you. I don’t know exactly why, but the commitment of putting pen to paper seems to be important for success. So make your own worksheet or use this one to keep score.

If you’re unsure about the difference between a 1X versus 2X day, or a 2X versus 3X day, don’t be concerned. Define the categories in a way that makes sense to you, and remember that what counts most is that you’re making an effort to take better care of yourself. This is a change process, not a research project.

The more total stuff you consume, the less likely it is that the Toolkit alone can make all the changes you need. If your baseline is above 12 you should think about bringing in some kind of professional help to support your efforts. And if you know your drug/alcohol use is so great that you are putting your life at risk, don’t do the Toolkit, get yourself into a program!

3X System Worksheet