Toolkit Introduction

This is the Toolkit that can get you started on a change plan to make your life healthier, safer and more fulfilling. It quickly and simply shows how to track your drug/alcohol use and set targets for change. And just as important, the Toolkit also helps you develop the inner and outer resources you will need to make those change happen.

But you have to know that the Toolkit does not work for everyone. The Toolkit works best if your drug/alcohol use is socially driven or feels like a bad habit you can adjust, as in:

The Toolkit is less likely to work when:

If you are not sure if the Toolkit will be useful for you, then take the Self-Led Assessments. They should help you figure out which of the following three places you come down to in the end:

If you find yourself in either of the last two categories, read About My Services at the end of this Toolkit to find out more about the Positive Change Coaching and the Holistic Psychotherapy that I offer. Perhaps the extra support of Positive Change Coaching can help you reach the place you want to be, or maybe you should be looking for Holistic Psychotherapy to help you grapple with what’s really causing your problem.

But if your drug/alcohol use has slipped beyond your control, just do yourself a favor and get into a detox! There is a world of medical and behavioral risks involved in uncontrolled drug/alcohol use, and there is also a world of help out there to keep you safe, so please take care of yourself right now. Once you’re stable again, then you can take stock and make a real plan.

Permission is granted to reproduce, unmodified, the SLS Toolkit for free, non-commerical distribution, provided this statement is included. You may link directly to the Toolkit, at but you may not download it to another server.