If You Are Already Taking Buprenorphine, or Have Just Started

Buprenorphine can block the physical cravings for heroin and the other opiates. But it doesn’t address the reasons why you started in the first place. When you started using heroin or pain-killers what were you doing? Were you:

If the last of these options rings true, psychotherapy could work as a much-needed support in your move for change. But before we go there, and to feel more confident that therapy may be the right choice, ask yourself if any of the words below resonate with the feelings that come up when you want to use, or when you used in the past:

If these are feelings that contributed to your using, then your plan for change has to include taking good care of the parts of you that are hurting. Otherwise, once you start really hurting again inside, you can expect to relapse onto the drug, or else pick up some other bad habit that may be just as harmful.

Holistic Psychotherapy is not the only thing that can help you create good changes in your life. Yoga, meditation, meaningful work, spirituality, strong positive relationships – all can play important roles. But Holistic Psychotherapy can help you in these specific ways:

Is Holistic Psychotherapy what you really need? How does it work? What part can it play in your plan for change? To answer these questions, read about Holistic Psychotherapy, or contact me by phone or email.