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        Assessment 1: How Big Is My Problem?

        Assessment 2: What Price Do I Pay?

        Assessment 3: How Compulsive Is My Use?

        Assessment 4: Do I Need More Intensive Therapy Than SLSSM Can Offer?


        Toolkit 1: An Rx For Your Substance Use

        Toolkit 2: 3X System

        Toolkit 3: Your First 8 Week Goal

        Toolkit 4: The R Part Of The Rx

        Toolkit 5: Identifying Your Resources

        Toolkit 6: R + X = Rx

        Toolkit 7: The End Of The Cycle

        Toolkit 8: About SLS Services

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Articles and Resources

        Articles by Brian:

        What Is Harm Reduction?

        About Internal Family Systems Therapy

        Robin and the Cloud Man: One Person's Journey to Healing

        Towards a New Way of Doing Drug Treatment

        The Not-So-Secret Helpers: Spirit Guides in Therapy

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