Positive Change Coaching or Holistic Psychotherapy?

Your work with Self-Led SolutionsSM will inevitably settle on one of two paths: Positive Change Coaching or Holistic Psychotherapy.

Positive Change Coaching is targeted towards behavior change, pure and simple. You figure out how much you indulge in your bad habit today, and you set realizable goals for bringing it down to a level you are more willing to live with. It’s best for people whose bad habits do not feel strongly entrenched, or who feel they are ready for change.

Holistic Psychotherapy is more about emotional healing. You strongly suspect that your bad habit comes from inner emotional dynamics, and you have probably already discovered that your bad habit does not shift through efforts to cut back. You are interested in the emotional work needed to heal the places that fuel the compulsive or addictive activity.

Which One Is For You?

To answer this question, you should do the Self-Led Assessments. They will give you a pretty clear idea of how heavy your use is, how much it impacts your life, and how compulsive it is. We recommend that you do the Assessments to get a firm idea of where you are with your bad habit, and to be sure which pathway – coaching or therapy – is for you. It’s a great time-saver to do the Self-Led Assessments now, before you get started with SLSSM.

Many people who do Positive Change Coaching are in a life transition, perhaps between the college years into the responsibilities of a career, or out of a career and into retirement. Or, they may have hit a specific crisis in their lives and are using a substance or a behavior to help manage through.

People who opt for Holistic Psychotherapy have often been struggling with their bad habit for years, they may feel an intense loss of control when they are using, or they sense that their bad habit is linked to powerful emotions.

Two Things To Remember: