The Self Assessments

The self assessments are here to help you take a thoughtful look at your substance use issues and what you would like to do about them.

After you do the assessments, you will be more ready to move towards one of the five pathways listed below. Each pathway is a “something-to-do” about your drug/alcohol use; they’re listed in order of how strongly they intervene with the problem.

  1. No wish for action right now: I’ve concluded my issues are not serious enough for me to need to do anything right now. Or, I get it that my issues should be addressed, but I’m just not ready to do that, and will come back to these issues some time in the future.
  2. Free online tools: I see a substance use issue that I believe I can tackle by using the free online tools provided by SLSSM.
  3. Positive Change Coaching: : I am interested in finding a coach who will help me set goals around my particular behaviors of drinking and/or doing drugs.
  4. Holistic Psychotherapy: : I am interested in finding a therapist who will help me heal some emotional wounds that seem to be the source of my more compulsive substance use.
  5. Inpatient treatment: After doing the assessments, I realize I need more support than Self-Led SolutionsSM can give me right now. I should look into inpatient treatment or an intensive outpatient treatment program.

Go to the assessments:

Assessment #1. How Big Is My Problem?

Assessment #2. The Price I Pay

Assessment #3. How Compulsive Is My Use?

Assessment #4. Do I Need More Intensive Treatment than SLSSM Offers?

And when you're finished with the assessments, be sure to read Positive Change Coaching or Holistic Psychotherapy? for help deciding which path is best for you.