Assessment #1:
How Big Is My Problem?

What you see below is the substance use continuum. At one end is abstinence, and at the other end, total chaos. Where do you stand on this continuum?

My Score Is: _______

What Your Score Means

0–2: Your usage levels are low
You may choose pathway 1 (previous page), and decide that you don’t need any interventions right now. But you should still do Assessment #2, the life impact assessment, because under some circumstances even low levels of use are bad. These may include medical reasons (e.g., a compromised liver), employment reasons (drug tests on the job), past experience (you have been a heavy user in the past and fear you are creeping back to that), or legal reasons (you don’t want to do something that is illegal).

2–4: You are a moderate, or recreational, user
Moderate, or recreational, users should see their bad habit as having a relatively low impact on their lives, except for the possible reasons listed above in the 0–2 range. Another thing to look out for is whether or not your recreational use includes intense (if irregular) binges that are a cause for concern. Assessment #2 should help find those answers.

4–6: You are a regular user
With regular use, you need to ask yourself some questions about how your use is affecting your life. Are you moving towards alcohol or drug dependence? You should take a look at Assessment #2, the life impact assessment, and you should be considering the Positive Change Coaching or the Holistic Psychotherapy options.

6–8: You are a heavy user
If you score in this range you are wrestling with drug/alcohol dependence issues, or what’s often called addiction. The more intense and compulsive your substance use becomes, the more need there is to bring in powerful interventions, like Holistic Psychotherapy. It might also be time to take a look at whether or not you need a detox/rehab program

8–10: You are a chaotic user
We recommend that you seek out a stay in a structured environment, either a detox or a rehab, and then check our services at Self-Led Solutions.

Your next step is to take Assessment #2, which will help you find out the price you pay for your substance use.