About Brian Murphy and Self-Led SolutionsSM

For over ten years, Brian Murphy, the founder of Self-Led SolutionsSM has been working with drug users and heavy drinkers in a non-judgmental and effective way to help people get their lives in order without having to commit to a lifelong 12-step program. He is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of New York, having obtained his Master of Social Work degree from he Shirley Ehrenkratz School of Social Work at New York University. He also earned the degree of Master of Education, summa cum laude, from the City College of New York.

Brian is a member of the Internal Family Systems Therapy Association, and is involved in the training of other therapists in this model. He is also a member of the Harm Reduction Therapy and Training Associates, an organization that works toward the humane and effective treatment of drug and alcohol problems.

Brian has led trainings in harm reduction and therapy topics at such institutions as Fordham University, Cornell Medical Center, New York University, the Harm Reduction Training Institute in New York, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and at various conferences nationwide.

In addition to therapy or coaching with Brian, SLSSM offers referrals to complementary practitioners in such fields as acupuncture and reiki, as well as two in- and outpatient treatment facilities.

For more information on Brian’s coaching and therapy techniques, check out About Internal Family Systems Therapy and What is Harm Reduction?. For an illustrative narration – including play by plays – see Robin and the Cloud Man: One Person's Journey to Healing. Brian scrutinizes two opposite approaches to dealing with drug problems in Towards a New Way of Doing Drug Treatment.

Brian Says